Monday, March 5, 2012

The launch show has four episodes of a half an hour each. These episodes entail the whole picture of the accident; from when the information was received, conversation with the rescue team to talking with victims and other witnesses. Also the documentary will highlight and give an insight of the Zanzibar ferry Accident. This documentary will divulge the genuineness of how the oversight bodies and monitoring authorities they executed their responsibility, and public discernment towards their lost loved ones who lost their lives and property in the disaster.

About the Documentary:
  •  This is a documentary that focuses on MV Spice Islander tragedy and safety anxiety.
  •  Its primary objective is to create an environment in which safety is supported and enhanced by those in the workforce and bring an in depth understanding of the Tanzanian, concerning the marine transport.
  • Empowering those who lost their loved ones, relatives and friends by reveling them the factual environment of the tragedy.
  • Empowering those on the front line to have the greatest control with respect to maritime safety.
  • Improved hazard management across the shipping workforce
  • Simplify procedures to incorporate current practices and always incorporate best practice.
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


At 21:00PM local time Spice Islander I saied from Unguja for Pemba Island. She was reported to have been carrying in excess of 800 passengers. Her capacity was 45 crew and 645 passengers. Of those on board, 612 were rescued, with 40 of them suffering serious injuries. At least 200 people were killed. One survivor, Abdullah Said, Said the ferry had been heavily overloaded when it left Dar es Salaam, and some passengers there had refused to board.

Safari ya Nungwi documentary aims at educating the public on the safety precautions while boarding marine transport. The documentary clarifies the trail of the Zanzibar Ferry disaster and brings you “Safari ya Nungwi”  documentary show for the public to see the reality of how it comes to accidents, what caused the accident, how the accident was reported, time spent since the information of marine to sink was reached the rescue operation to the moment when the rescue operator responded (wasted time), the contradiction to the exact number of  passengers were onboard, and report of the presidential commission to investigate circumstances that led to the accident and recommended measures to be taken by those involved. It is estimated there was over 800 passengers on board, while the police officials said, at only 500 passengers of Zanzibar which are listed in the manifest, shot Musa Ali Musa. Estimates of the numbers of people killed in the accident vary enormously depending on the source. The initial death toll was estimated at around 53, but reports of a leaked official document suggest that as many as 2,764 people are still missing from the disaster.